Friday, November 21, 2014

Winter Drinks and Dye Projects

While we are all getting ready for the Holidays and doing some winter projects, try something new to drink.
We have just listed a new and unusual tea called Pu erh, two White Teas, along with a new variety of Yerba Mate for your enjoyment.

Pu erh Tea is a fermented tea that, like wine, improves with age.
Some Pu erh Teas have an earthy flavor, which varies by type and age.
Our new Hazelberry Pu erh Tea has a combination of hazelnut, strawberry, chocolate, and cream flavors that meshes perfectly with the earthy undertones of a Pu erh Tea.
The smell is a heavenly addition to the taste.

Hazelberry Pu erh Tea

 If you have never have had a White Tea, maybe it's time to try.
White tea have a white appearance from the tea leaf buds and top end leaves.
It yields a light color delicate tasting tea.
We have added two varieties of this type of tea, White Cucumber and White Pear.

White Cucumber Tea
White Pear Tea

Yerba Mate is a South American drink that is similar to a tea and contains caffeine.
 It is brewed in a traditional mate gourd.
The gourd is passed from person to person during group gathering and sipped through a straw called a bombilla, which has a strainer on the bottom to filter out the leaves.
You can enjoy this beverage by brewing it like a regular tea, or the traditional way.
Our new Yerba Mate is Mocha Nut Mate, a blend of hazelnut, chocolate, and roasted Yerba Mate.
We also offer  green plain Yerba Mate.

Mocha Nut Mate
We have also just added all 40 colors of Jacquard Procion MX Dyes for Cotton, Linen, and other Plant Fibers and Fabrics.
These can be used for solid color dyeing or tie dyeing.
Simple to use, these dyes use warm tap water, table salt, and washing soda to set the dye.

Procion MX Dye Turquoise 068

Procion MX Dye Color Chart

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