Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Raising the Roof

Many of you may have seen us at shows over the years.
This year at the Pennsic War, we took a series of pictures to show what goes on behind the scenes in getting all of those items to the site and set up for you to enjoy.

First we have to load the truck, van, and travel trailer, and drive it to the camping site, park it, hook up the utilities, and get ready to put up the booth.
Yes, we stay in a travel trailer because we are at the booth 12 hours working and need a nice place to rest up for the next day.
Our truck hood is up, because the battery went dead.
We found out a few days later that the alternator was bad and replaced it at an Auto Zone parking lot.

The rest of the pictures are of a series of pictures we took while raising the roof on our Medieval 20 foot by 20 foot pavilion in the Merchant Area of Pennsic.

First the plastic goes down.

Then the indoor outdoor carpeting is put on top of the plastic.
The roof is spread out and the first corner put up.
The second roof corner is put up.

All four roof top corners are up

The center pole is put up on the roof.
The side poles and ropes are put up.
All of the side poles and ropes are put up and the roof is stretched.
Now it's time to add the sides and unload some display racks and the merchandise.
All set up and closed for the night
Open for business !

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