Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Featured Zibbeter

Our thanks goes out to the on line selling site Zibbet, who surprised us this week by making our shop the Featured Zibbeter.
Originally, when we were contact by Zibbet about the interview for this article, it was to post on September 30, 2013.
We do have a shop on Zibbet, in addition to our stand alone site.

The site links are :
www.brushcreekwoolworks.com  - or click on the link at the top, under our banner.

 If you wish to read the article , you can follow this link to Zibbet's Blog:


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Monday, September 9, 2013


We recently added some items to our web store, which we have not had for some time.

Nostepindes, also known as a nostepinne, are now back in stock, made in our wood shop.

Each nostepinde  has a different pattern, are made of various woods, has a wax finish, and comes with instructions.

A nostepinde is a hand held ball winder, on which you wind yarn.
If the yarn is wound on properly, you will end up with a ball of yarn, which will set flat, and  you will be able to pull the end of the yarn from the center of the ball.

    Nostepindes  left to right:
 African Mahogany, Oak, Spanish Cedar, 
Black Walnut, Butternut,  Cherry

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Keeping You Updated

It's been a busy spring and summer with attending the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, the beginning of May, and then Pennsic War for two weeks in July.
We are now back home, unpacked and have many of our items listings back up on our website.
Many of you may know that we also have a shop on Etsy.
After much contemplation, at this time, we have decided to move all of our regular in stock items from Etsy to our web store.
This allows us to have all of our regular items under on roof, some of which we could not list on Etsy.

                         New and Exciting News

Our Wooden Knitting Yarn Bobbins have been spot lighted in Interweave Knits Magazine, Fall  2013 Issue , under New and Notable, News and Reviews, Ranch Style Rustic Yarn and Tools Inspire Colorwork with a Touch of the Old West

 Available in left to right: Spanish Cedar, Oak, 
Mahogany, and Maple


We also have a shop on Zibbet and will be the featured Zibbeter shop on September 30, 2013.
You can visit their web site blog to read the article on that date.
We will provide a link when the article is out.

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