Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Where Are We?

As some of your may know , we started our business doing shows and events in 1983.

 In 2009, we set up our first internet shop through Etsy, and started cutting back a bit on our show schedule.
We felt that we were being pulled in too many directions and needed to focus on just shows and events and the internet, letting our brick and mortar shop close.
We also have had internet shops on Artfire, and Zibbet over the past few years.
Although setting up on these sites was an educational experience , we also found out that the sites were creeping into controlling our business. and limiting what we could list.

Currently, our  Artfire shops are closed completely, Zibbet has 10 items, and Etsy has one item, which will soon expire.
We have left links at those sites that will redirect you to our website.

In the Fall of 2012, we were given the opportunity to take advantage of a new web hosting site called Supadupa, which is located in the UK..
Funny, name, but they gave us the ability to set up a beautiful customized website where we could offer all of our products that customers normally see at our shows.
They are constantly adding new features, have great customer service, a toll free help line for U.S. shops, and they  keep their hands out of our business management.
Consequently, we have removed our items from our other websites and relocated them on our Supadupa site.
We are slowly trying to get everything listed there, but of you need an item that you have seen at a show or event, and it isn't listed, please contact us.

If you wish to visit our website  you can click at the link at the top of the page under our logo, on any of the blue "website" kinks in this post, or simply scroll down under this post.
Our website is embedded here on the blog.
There is a also a scroll within the embedded website.

Also, if you happen to want to check out Supadupa for a website of your own, we have a link that can give you 20% off of your first 4 months of service.
Supadupa has different plans for different needs.
You need to sign up for a Free Shop, through this link:


or the same link on the right side of our blog, click on the Supadupa name there, and then upgrade to a higher plan, to receive the discount.
This is not a pyramid scheme, just a way to pass along a discount to a good service.

 So, you can find us at any of our standard shows or at our website.

Thank you for visiting,
Brush Creek Wool Works

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Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Fall Fiber Festival, Montpelier, Va., Our Regrets

Brush Creek Wool Works booth at the Fall Fiber Festival

We would like to take the time to send our regrets to any of our customers who may show up at the Fall Fiber Festival and Sheep Dog Trials  at Montpelier, Va., this weekend.

We were unable to make it to the event because of a vehicle breakdown.

If you wish to purchase items from us, you can visit our website , or scroll to the bottom of this blog page, our website is embedded there.

If you want an item that may not be listed on our website, please contact us, as we may have it in stock due to planning for the Festival.
What you want just might not be listed on the website because it was earmarked for the Festival.

For 31 years, we have been merchanting at events, and this is the first time we have not made it to a booked event.
We have broken down on the way to some, broken down while there, and broken down on the way home.
But in the past, we have always been able to salvage the situation to get to the event and be open for business.

We even were at the FFF during the infamous mud out, and stayed.
Plus we had a flat tire last year on the way home while trying to beat the high winds that flipped tractor trailers on Rt 81 North. 

But it finally happened, and we won't be able to see you this year.

Thank you all for your patronage in past 20  years.
We hope you all have fun at the Festival.


Brush Creek Wool Works 

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