Monday, September 9, 2013


We recently added some items to our web store, which we have not had for some time.

Nostepindes, also known as a nostepinne, are now back in stock, made in our wood shop.

Each nostepinde  has a different pattern, are made of various woods, has a wax finish, and comes with instructions.

A nostepinde is a hand held ball winder, on which you wind yarn.
If the yarn is wound on properly, you will end up with a ball of yarn, which will set flat, and  you will be able to pull the end of the yarn from the center of the ball.

    Nostepindes  left to right:
 African Mahogany, Oak, Spanish Cedar, 
Black Walnut, Butternut,  Cherry

                                                                                            © 2013 Brush Creek Wool Works

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